It is not possible to check availability using the email address shown on the Home Page.

The diary to do this is held in the Club and not by the author of this website.

If you want to book a room you must call into the club (or telephone) and see either Lillian or Debbie during the opening hours shown on the Home page. Availability of the date you require can only be confirmed by contacting the club in this way.

You will also need to complete a "Booking Request" form and pay a deposit to reserve the room. All bookings are subject to certain conditions and club committee approval.

Please read the booking conditions noted on the Booking Request as these may affect access to the club, duration of event and cost.

As a guide, please be aware of the following

  • The room must be booked from the time that you wish to have access - for decorating, setting up buffets, allowing access for discos and other entertainment  etc.
  • All decorations and left-over food must be removed at the end of your event
  • Birthday parties for anyone aged 18 to 21 will be subject to committee approval and may involve additional cost for professional doormen. The club must ensure that alcoholic drinks are not consumed by anyone under age.
  • Catering - The Club does not provide catering services and we are quite happy for you to arrange this however you choose. 

  • Entertainment - Again, the Club does not organise Disco‚Äôs, Bands or other entertainers for private events and any such must be appropriate. The Club may be able to assist in identifying Discos and other entertainment upon request but this remains a private arrangement between you and the entertainers.

  • Health and Safety - All privately arranged Caterers, Entertainers and others must comply with current regulations (3rd party liability etc.)