Grounds / Carpark

Outside we have ample grassed areas and a large carpark with parking for over 180 cars

Making it the perfect venue for your out door events

The photo opposite was taken on 13 May 2018. The car Park was used that day for the "Race for Life" event taking place in the country park next door to us. (Big yes?)

Lots of people turned up; pink very much in evidence on the very brave and committed runners, joggers and walkers who completed the 5km well as very many supporters.

You may have heard about the proposed housing development on our current car park. More information on the current state of play is given on the                                                      .     page of this website.


We wish to make it clear that if and when the land is developed any "profit" will not revert to the club or the local branch, it will be held by Royal British Legion headquarters in London. Just to go back in time, it was the people of Llay who raised the money to buy the land the club sits on without any financial assistance from the RBL.

So - Until a planning application is approved and the development is started, we still have an absolutely huge car park and grounds. More than enough to hold all the cars that bring our customers, including the caravaners that visit some bank holiday weekends in the summer months.


We will keep you informed of what's happening.