Concert Room Specials

 This is a taste of special shows that are coming soon to the Club. Mostly they will be specials in our large concert room.

Come along and be entertained.

28 JUNE 2019 

WELSH AIR AMBULANCE are hosting a show in our Lounge featuring

               ELECTRIC REFLEX

Tickets are now on sale from the club or the Air Ambulance shop - just £5 each

show starts 8.30pm

19 OCTOBER 2019

Just a very early note to say we have booked a Concert Room Special in early October featuring 

  • ABBA ARRIVAL (These 4 are excellent and if you like ABBA you will definitely enjoy this show).

                                     Last time they were performing in the Club the support act cancelled at the last minute

                                     so these guys doubled up and sang ABBA songs not usually performed and they were

                                     absolutely brilliant. What a night that was.  


  • RAG and TAG   (these are 2 guys from Liverpool and I really rate them. They were almost certainly part

                                    of the Liverpool professional music scene in the past and I reckon they are high on the

                                    list of the best performers we have had in the club on a Saturday night.

                                   Not just a support act, they are excellent in their own right. (You won't be disappointed)


As soon as details of date, time and prices are available I shall post them here.