Opening Hours


  • Monday to Thursday 5.00pm to 11.00pm
  • Friday 3.00pm to 12.00 midnight
  • Saturday 12.00 midday to 12.00midnight
  • Sunday 12.00 midday to 11.00pm


  • Bank Holidays 12.00midday to 11.00pm (usually, but will be advised individually)


Welcome to Llay Legion


At Llay Legion we offer something for everyone, where you can sit and relax with very reasonably priced drinks and probably the best lager in the world - it says so on the TV!!


If you want to be a bit more active (nothing too strenuous), you can knock some snooker balls around one of our two full-sized tables or downsize a bit to our pool table. You can even throw a dart or two if you fancy yourself as the next MVG or more likely even if you don't.


We have free WiFi of course and there's a Juke Box (in my day that was a big machine that loaded 45rpm vinyl records onto a record deck but now its just a small box on the wall that streams songs from the internet - Progress eh!)


You do not have to be a member to enjoy the excellent facilities with non-members welcome why not pop in and give us a try.



One of our regular features is the free entertainment in the Lounge every Saturday night. Thats right - free no charge - and we've seen some really good acts on.

Doors are open 8.00pm and the entertainment starts at 9.30pm - Bar closes at 12.00 midnight.


Reasonably Soon

21st July - Pat and Gwyn's Charity Day starts 1pm and supports local charities

For more information please see the page -


World Cup Raffle

The club is running a raffle on the results of the World Cup

For details, please see the page


Please Note - We have sold all the envelopes for this raffle but we will be selling tickets for a 'straight' draw on cup final day for 2 prizes of 8 pints of beer (1st prize) and 4 pints (2nd prize)


Just to be politically incorrect (but I don't care) - wasn't it completely heartbreaking to see German footballers in tears after a pasting by lowly South Korea? Well, wasn't it?


AND - Did you know, according to a press report, 280,000 Columbians have signed a petition to have the England game replayed because of "referee bias". They didn't believe Kane was fouled for the penalty decision - Crikey, they must be smoking too much of those aromatic herbs we hear that they are growing there.


WELL - The world cup is no more and the French win. I don't care what the BBC pundits said, I thought it WAS a penalty but what do I know. I guess the arguments about which English players were brill, average or crap will keep us going for a day or two. All references to WC 2018 will be deleted soon.